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If a dog were your teacherThese are some of the lessons you might learn...When loved ones come ...
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Donkey's Life

- P. H. BhutaniPeople all over the world, Make me a 'butt of ridicule', They say "I'm a donkey"...
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Don't Kill The City Snakes Give Them A Fair Chance Of Survival

Its not just been raining cats and dogs in the Mumbai City, but it has been raining snakes as w...
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'Gutsy' was our jaan..she was a fiesty young "woman", a tiny pup really, paralysed beyond help ...
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Animal Welfare in India

About IDA | Future Plans | Activities | Management | Animal Welfare In India As per the In...
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Cruelty Behind Leather Products

'Hide'ous cruelty behind every leather productsNot many people are aware of the cruelty that is...
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The Oath Of A Compassionate Child

I shall never hurt an animal. I shall never buy pets from pet shops - animals are not toys. Zoo...
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Retirement & Care of Police Sniffer Dogs

For 3 years IDA India has been requesting the Mumbai Police Department to put in place a scheme...
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Jumbo by Goodicia Vaidya

I have named him 'Jumbo' rightly so because he is a huge dog of 30 kgs. - big, broad and fat as...
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