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Sponsored Meal for Our Blind Dogs: Deonar Centre

Dr Fenil decided to celebrate his wife's birthday in a very special way. He sponsored a very sp...
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A Working Day at Deonar Centre

Everyone at Deonar works very hard everyday - all the humans that is. But the most pleasant par...
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True Friends of Animals

This group of young people stay nearby our Centre. They really care for animals and come in t...
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Bandu is a revered Senior Citizen

Bandu is a revered Senior Citizen, 16 years of age. His Guardians love him very much and ever...
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Care of Blind Dogs

WE are fortunate to have three young women Assistants, Jagruti, Radha and Anu, who really car...
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Peaceful Sanctuary at our Deonar Centre

Our lovely garden has many uses, the main being it is open to all our blind dogs most of the ...
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Chow Time in Puppy Pen - Deonar Center

Our puppy patients were being very fussy about their food, so we did a re-think. We put toget...
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Competition: Our Better World.  Vote for our video story of 2017 from Our Better World,...
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They get letters from a three-legged dog

Mongrels and strays bring happiness to homes in India Injured on the railway track, S...
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Two decades in service of animals: IDA India

Dear Friends, In Defense of Animals India, IDA India as we are popularly known, co...
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A Challenging Rescue

18th November 2015 was a challenging day for our Navi Mumbai center. We had a call from th...
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Hon'ble Supreme Court supports Dog Spay/neuter program

Dear all, Here is some excellent news for all the dog lovers in India.  The stray dogs...
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