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Donkey's Life

- P. H. Bhutani

People all over the world,
Make me a 'butt of ridicule',
They say "I'm a donkey"
But I shake my head and bray "I'm a unique species".

They harass me in various ways,
Both children and adults alike,
They overload, beat, bruise and starve me,
Tie a cracker to my tail and set fire, to frighten me.

People do not know my plus points,
I'm unselfish member of 'equine' family,
Slim legs but strong back and hardy body,
Can work for long periods despite poor feed.

My pedigree goes back to 4000 B.C.
I have descended from the 'Nuban Ass',
I am known for surefootedness,
And can cover 30 kms per day!!

Look! How my masters treat me,
They make me work, work, work - which's so unfair,
Without proper rest or water,
Or forage and healthcare.

Okay, God made me a donkey,
Perhaps due to my past sins,
But that's no reason for you,
To add up to my 'cup of woes' -

Now listen to my benefits,
My nutritious milk is drunk in India,
As well in Italy, Spain and France!
Being the best substitute for human milk.

People poke fun at me,
Calling me "stupid and obstinate"
But look around, there are many persons,
Who are no better than me - bet.

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