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Sponsor A Pet


Some pets are destined to spend their lives at our centers as they cannot be released or adopted.
You can help us take care of these lovely pets by contributing towards their upkeep.



Tukhdoo is a young male dog who came in last year, suffering from distemper. These cases seldom recover as this terrible disease is fatal. But Tukhdoo slowly got better and came out of the worst stages of the dread disease. He is now left with that typical shaking of the body which shows up in recovered distemper cases, but he is a favourite with many of our staff members who see to his needs and serve him his food which he relishes. Now all he needs are some Sponsors to take care of his medical care and other comforts which he requires.

Location: Deonar


Meet Sweety who was named after her lovely nature. She is one of the quiet and gentle dogs at the Centre. She is with us because she came in with a bad leg problem, which is still giving her trouble. We decided to let her stay and many at the Centre are very happy about this. We try to take the best possible care of these innocent animals and this is where you come in. Sweety needs sponsors now to make her life comfortable and content.

Location: Deonar


Susie: One day some person came in with this lovely dog for treatment for a small skin problem. After treatment, she left this dog inside and quickly left the premises. We still cannot believe that such a lovely, friendly dog could be abandoned like this, but we have found to our dismay, that some people are capable of cruelty like this. We just feel sad for such a person as we now have the privilege of looking after this wonderful little dog. Susie roams about the Centre and is loved by all. She makes herself very comfortable in the Gift Shop - on the couch at that!! Now she needs sponsors. She truly is a great little dog

Location: Deonar


Jugani came into our Centre along with her mom, as a tiny pup. Look at this lovely girl now! All grown up and simply beautiful. We were very eager to get her a good home and we were successful! But Jugani decided otherwise! She only wanted to come back to her beloved first home - our Centre - and finally, that is exactly what she did. So now she is one of our resident dogs and in need of sponsorship. Do sponsor our pretty little Jugani. She is truly a wonderful little dog.

Location: Deonar


It is difficult to meet a more pleasant natured dog than Minnie, this charming little resident dog who is at our Deonar Centre. She is a hit with visitors and volunteers alike. One of our volunteers, a Veterinary student confessed he comes in to volunteer because he loves to meet this little dog! She came to us in a strange way. She was simply brought in one day by one of the BMC Vans which also bring in dogs for ABC to our Centre on a daily basis. Her records were lost and the Officer in charge at that time retired shortly after she was lodged at our Centre, so we have not been able to find out where she was brought from. Location is extremely important for each dog brought in. They cannot be left just anywhere. So now Minnie as we fondly named her, is very much with us and has become one of our resident dogs. Do sponsor her - she is a lovely little dog and we are privileged to have her in our care.


Laxmi is a lovely calm and quiet dog who resides at our Deonar Centre. Some years ago, she was brought in from nearby Kurla as she had a terrible maggot wound in her pelvic area. She was brought in by the night van. Looking at this beautiful dog, you would not think she had anything wrong with her. And now, she is healthy and happy living as one of our resident dogs. She is just waiting for Sponsors now to help with her upkeep.


Soni is a beautiful 7 year old female. She came in about five years ago along with her pups as the whole family was being treated in a cruel fashion by an Educational Institute where they were locked in a cage at night. Soni has become a well-loved member of the IDA Deonar family and is now always in her element; an energetic playful dog and quite a favourite with the Staff.

Location: Deonar Centre


Pixie is a charming 6 year old female, who loves lounging around in the sun or under the washbasin to keep cool when it's hot.

She has a very pleasant nature, shy but at the same time is friendly, always smiling and is ready to play catch me if you can with you.

Location: Deonar Centre


Daisy-Lee is one of our young dogs and is about 3 years of age.

She is shy yet very loving once she familiarizes herself with you, she does come across as a very naughty girl with her expressive face...

Location: Deonar Centre


Goofy unlike his name is handsome and sensible looking, he's quite the adventurer climbing up and down the piles of mud and sand at the center to investigate if there is anything interesting inside for him.

Goofy is now about 10 years old and has a lovely grey coat to add to his looks. Goofy also likes sitting on the bench outside the gift shop with his companions in the evenings.

Location: Deonar Centre


Bruno is one of the most handsome dogs at the Deonar Centre and knows it and flaunts it too! Alpha of the resident pack Bruno is now about 8 years old and you will find him outside the Gift Shop on the bench squashed up with two other dogs or with the others sunning himself on the paver blocks or sand pile.

Location: Deonar Centre


This very handsome male is named after the area he was rescued from,; Shivaji Nagar in Govandi.. He was brought in last year, 2017, as he had a horrible injury. In a few months, our Vets brought him back to good health but his rescuer could not be traced. Every since he has stayed at the Centre and now he would very much like to have Sponsors to help with his care. (Sponsor Shiva for Rs.1000/- for 6 months or Rs.2000/- for a year)


Our beautiful Cleo, with the lovely green eyes, came in as an accident case from the MIG Colony Kurla. This was two years ago in 2016. A kind person Mr Sheikh brought her to our Deonar Centre for admission and treatment when he found her badly injured after being hit by a vehicle. Our Vets did hard work bringing her back to normal good health and she was fully healed of her injuries. Cleo sort of stayed on and became one of our IDA family. Now she is well and happily established as one of our much loved resident cats. All she needs is some friends on the outside, helping with her upkeep by sponsoring her.


This charming kitten can't see at all, even though his eyes seem okay. He was brought in by a kind young man sometime last year in 2017. He visited the eye specialist who said he would not recover his sight. Now he is about 8 months old and comfortably and safely living among our resident cats, in their large enclosure. Please do consider sponsoring this lovely little boy who can't see but is in our loving care.


Look at this handsome cat. He looks great and he knows it! It is hard to believe, but Zeus came in to our Centre as a tiny kitten in 2015 with his three siblings. Three of them survived and are all with us, and Zeus is the biggest of the lot. When healthy kittens come in, we try our best to get them into foster care or get them adopted into a safe and loving home. But in the case of these kittens, we were not successful. It is somebody's loss, but our gain. Now we are proud to have such a good-looking cat among all our residents and fond of watching him lord it all over the place. Do contact us if you would like to sponsor this truly lovely cat.


Last year early in 2017, a young man Kevin, contacted us about a blind cat he had rescued. It was the absolutely beautiful Palak and we agreed to take her in and keep her in our care. Palak was also sent to the Eye Specialist, like all our other blind animals, to see if she could get some help. We got wonderful news - her eyes could be cured! She had been given some medicines and vitamins and slowly we noticed she started following people with her eyes. Palak can see today and we are so happy about this. While she waits for a good home, she badly needs sponsors to help us with all her needs.


Cosmo is a gentle and quiet cat. He was brought to the Centre in 2017 when he was badly in need of medical treatment. He is from Shivaji Nagar and had met with a bad accident. He also had a nasty ear infection. He took very long to heal and then decided that he liked this place very much. He has stayed with us ever since and loves to roam outside in the courtyard and sit in the Sun. Loves the kitchen too!


This beautiful little cat has another name. We used to call her "Mom" cat. She just loves to look after little ones and treats them as if they are her own babies. She has been with us for many years and she has slowly become the official Office Cat. She can be found relaxing on the Registers, lolling on the desks and sitting and listening to the calls on the Helpline. She would just love to have Sponsors.


One of our most affectionate cats, Monty is full black and gorgeous. He also has one leg missing - that's why he came to our Centre. He was rescued from Shell Colony Chembur by a kind old lady in 2017, and brought in for treatment. He made a wonderful recovery from his wounds and has been in our Resident Cat Ward ever since. he lovely visitors and meeting people. Now he needs Sponsors.


The enigmatic Leo is one of our most handsome cats. He had an injury on his foot which was quite serious and was brought in from Altaf Nagar Fish Market, Ghatkopar. Now he is one of the Alpha cats at the Centre and sits around waiting for his meals and looking good. He has a small injury on one of his front feet but otherwise, no cat could be cooler. Waiting for his Sponsors now.


This sweet little cat is one of three kittens who happened to be left at our Centre. Two didn't make it, but Fifi has grown up well and is now very much a Resident Cat. She is quiet and friendly and like all our other cats, gets on very well with all the dogs! She likes people too and is hoping to get Sponsors who will help with her upkeep and welfare.

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