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Don't Kill The City Snakes Give Them A Fair Chance Of Survival

Its not just been raining cats and dogs in the Mumbai City, but it has been raining snakes as well. In the deluge of last few days, humans are not the only ones to have been affected. Thousands of buffaloes, goats, sheep and dogs have died of drowning, because of human negligence, but the snakes in the city have also become helpless victims.

Snakes such as cobras, pythons, rat snakes etc. are seen on the roads, washed out of their natural hideouts due to heavy rains. They are either run over by vehicles or killed by people if they enter a residential area.

Dr. Dinesh Vinherkar, an experienced Snake Handler, Managing Committee member and Head of Wild Life Rescue Group of In Defence of Animals, India, has so far rescued seven poisonous and non-poisonous snakes such as cobra, python, rat snakes, in last few days. The pictures of a female sand boa, rescued yesterday by Dr. Vinherkar, from Juhu Koliwada, are attached.

Dr. Vinherkar says that once the water goes away, the rains stop and the climate is dry, these snakes will return to their natural habitats, hence people should not kill them. Like us, these dumb helpless creatures also have a right to live and we must let them live. They come out in open areas for their own survival.

We appeal that if you see a snake in your vicinity:

  1. Do not get scared unnecessarily
  2. If the snake is not stuck somewhere, leave him alone and let him find his way out.
  3. Do not disturb or kill the snake by sticks, if found in your building.
  4. Do not handle snakes on your own.
  5. Call: IDA India on 56268028 or Dr. Vinherkar on 93222 43216.

Ms. Pooja Sathe,
Campaign Coordinator,
In Defence of Animals, India
7, Shanti Kunj, 124, Hindu Colony, 5th Lane,
Dadar, Mumbai 400 014.
Tel: 56268028-24143412-24142195
Email: info@idaindia.org

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