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IDA INDIA is a non profit grass root level animal protection organisation, dedicated towards establishing and defending the rights of all non - human living creatures.

It aims at:

  • Providing infrastructural facilities for shelters, dispensaries, ambulances etc for alleviating the suffering of animals.
  • Lobbying for amendments to existing animal protection laws in India, to make them effective.
  • Rescue of abused animals.
  • Campaigning to secure legal recognition for animal rights nationally and internationally.
  • Promoting vegetarianism.
  • Promoting Animal Birth Control program and discouraging brutal extermination of stray animals.
  • Creating awareness amongst people, so as to start a mass movement against -
    • Use of animals in laboratories for experimentation.
    • Vivi-section in schools & colleges
    • Harsh training regimes in circuses and films
    • Manhandling of slaughter animal and poultry chicken
    • Cruelty to cows, bullocks, horses, donkeys,
    • Zoos
    • Breeding for commercial exploitation.

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