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Cruelty Behind Leather Products

'Hide'ous cruelty behind every leather products

Not many people are aware of the cruelty that is hidden in their shoes, watches, jacket, and even car seats. A closer look at the surface reveals that that hip bag you are clutching in your hand or belt around your waist is actually dead skin.made of the hide of a cow, sheep, pig or a goat!

Not many people like to think of leather as having once been a cow.

Traditionally in India, we have always revered all animals, but the cow holds a special place. From her association with Lord Krishna to her motherly characteristics, the holy cow is a part of our tradition. Yet in the same country where people pray and bow to her, she is abused.

In India, cows are abused for the sake of their skin. They are made to travel miles without any food or water, beaten on the way and when they are unable to walk a step further, mirchi and tobacco rubbed in their eyes and their tails broken till they start walking again because of the pain. They are walked this way to waiting lorries and trucks and dozens of cows are shoved illegally in one truck and taken to the slaughter house. Most arrive dead or with broken bones and at the slaughter house another nightmare awaits them, the sawing of a blunt knife on their neck.

The cow is then skinned and the hide tanned to make leather. The poisonous pollutants from tanneries have contributed to the slow destruction of our environment.

Leather is Cruel. Say no to leather. There are many alternatives to leather in the market, including rexine which looks just like leather and is cheaper!

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