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The Oath Of A Compassionate Child

  • I shall never hurt an animal.
  • I shall never buy pets from pet shops - animals are not toys.
  • Zoo animals are already suffering being away from their natural habitat. I shall support wild life sanctuaries and national parks.
  • I shall never keep caged birds, as they have wings to fly.
  • I shall never light noisy firecrackers during Diwali, as they frighten animals.
  • I shall never go to a circus with animal acts, as it is cruel to make animals perform.
  • I shall never ride a pony that looks ill or injured.
  • I shall never give milk to snakes, trapped from the wild by snake charmers.
  • I shall try to become a vegetarian.

[At the training programmes held for young children, IDA India endeavours to make each child understand the significance of each oath that is listed above, and then take it at the end of the session.]

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