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How To Choose The Right Pet Dog For Your Family?

Congratulations on deciding to bring a new family member into your family…. Choosing a pet...
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Dog rescued by our Turbhe Centre

  It was early Sunday morning. A distress call came in from Jimi Towers Kopark...
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Small Miracle at Deonar Centre

Last month a 3 week old pup was admitted to our Deonar Centre as a patient. He had the most ...
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IDA Indievets

" IDA Indievets is a group of budding vets who have decided to get out of their I- me- myself...
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Kittens Rescued from Under Truck

One sad fact of life in our city is that many animals are abandoned by cruel people and when ...
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World Spay Day - 26th Feb, 2019

IDA India is celebrating the World Spay Day on 26th February, 2019. On this ...
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Good Friends : Deonar Centre OPD

Moti has been with Mr Rajkumar for the last seven years. His Guardian travels about in a three ...
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Sunday Volunteers: Deonar Centre

Purva and Pranav came in with Priya to monitor the ongoing work. On Sunday as there are no vehi...
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Meal Time Deonar Centre

Each and every day of the year, our 500 plus animals, dogs, cats, puppies, kittens have to be f...
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Manager Krishna Gets a Warm Welcome

As soon as Manager Krishna entered the Centre this morning, he got a royal welcome! Note the pe...
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Hard at Work at Deonar Centre

Even if one volunteer comes in, there is plenty of work that can be done. When the resident dog...
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Project Work at Deonar Centre

 Many students from different Institutions now come in to our ABC Centre to complete Proje...
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