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Dog tied and left to die

At Belapur station - Naina Athale:A train commuter called up and told us about this pathetic cr...
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A Monkey With Burns - Naina Athale

A monkey escaped from a Madari and jumped on a High Tension wire and got electric burns. The ma...
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Stray Cow with a prolapsed uterus

It took us 2 days to catch a cow in distress with a prolapsed uterus with a dead foetus dead in...
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A calf with a broken spine

A calf with a broken spine was picked up by our van. She was unable to walk, but we made her co...
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Adoption Success Story - Soni

Good news! The abandoned labrador who had been found by Ron & Sonali and was in our center ...
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Man Beats Dog Till Its Eye Pops Out

In Valmiki Society at Kalina in Mumbai, a person name John Nazarath hit a dog with a bamboo and...
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Wild Cat Rescued in Mumbai

We have rescued a wild cat on 22nd August 08. The poor thing is mostly blind, and had fallen in...
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Ban Cruelty To Buggy Ponies

Two Mumbai based organizations In Defence Of Animals (IDA INDIA); working for the welfare of an...
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The Prayer of a Stray

Dear GOD please send me somebody who'll care!I'm tired of running. I'm sick with despair.My bod...
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Freedom of 'Kalli' The Bulbul

Once, on one of my dog-feeding trips to D N road Andheri, a boy came to me quite excitedly, hol...
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Raja the Taxi Walla by Fizzah Shah

Seven Bungalows taxi stand in Andheri (west) is known for 24 hours availability of taxies &...
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The Turning point in my life by Sudnya Patkar

It was a hot summer day of 1993 as I was traveling by road to Sarigam in South Gujarat, with my...
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