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IDA Success Stories - Champak

Champa at 4 weeks My sister and I always wanted a pet while my mom was not keen o...
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Ida India : Helping the Old and the Blind

The most fragile and precious residents at our Deonar Centre, are our old blind dogs.  ...
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Land Mark Judgement of the Supreme Court

Dear All, Sharing with you a landmark judgement of the Supreme Court of India, that bans the...
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Deonar Centre needs repairs

Dear Supporters,Greetings from In Defense of Animals, India!! We are writing to you about ...
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Elephants banned in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane!

Good News for animal lovers in the three cities of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane! Elephants are...
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IDA and AuroJeeva launch joint initiative for animal welfare in Pondicherry

One fine morning, Priti and Shonar decided to start an ABC program with funds contributed by we...
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The Pups need your help...urgently

Dear All, Please see the pictures of the puppy pen. We are doing our best but the best on our o...
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Rabale Dog Story

My name is Sandeep Jha and I was on my way to my office off site near karnala bird sanctuary la...
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The Great Indian Mongrel - a Brilliant Film Done by Uma Chordia

Intrigued by the heart warming story of two stray dogs, Uma Chordia has made her first short do...
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Holy Cow: Story of a Project Affected Animal (PAA)

WARNING! IMAGES IN THIS STORY COULD DISTURB SOME PEOPLE. On the 13th late morning, we got a cal...
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Mr. Ruinton Rusi Satha; your love for animals remains alive..

"IDA India's ambulance that served as a Mobile Clinic, rendering treatment to the animals with ...
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Good News for Street Dog Feeders!

Important Information for Street Dog Feeders / Colony Caretakers of Stray Animals.The Animal We...
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