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'Gutsy' was our jaan..she was a fiesty young "woman", a tiny pup really, paralysed beyond help in a road accident. Her will to live, courage, and self-confidence was amazing. Our staff was so impressed that they built her a little walker out of waste material. She would zoom around on it at full speed! We therefore named her GUTSY. She would drag her little body and supervise everything.She fought for larger bowls, and even grown dogs were scared of her! But her insides were giving way...the day she died,she got petted by me, then dragged herself to a corner of the compund and died without any fuss, we watched but couldnt do a thing..One of the rare times I've seen grown men cry like babies, including our veterinary doctor. She lived bravely..her handicap was only physical..and she died with dignity...an important lesson for us all. Gutsy, you will always be in our hearts, and cheer us up and give us courage when we are down and about to give up...

What Gutsy means to us at IDA

  • Gutsy is our mascot.
  • Gutsy symbolizes fight against helplessness of her fellow beings and IDA becomes the walker.
  • She is a symbol of hope for all suffering animals and all of us who work for them.
  • Gutsy doesn't believe in pity, sympathy and helplessness. She believes in strength and sharing.
  • Gutsy inspires us all.

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