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Guardian Angels

Please do be a partner in this wonderful work and sponsor a dog of your choice for just Rs.12,000/- a year.

All these dogs you are about to meet, were helpless on the street before they came to IDA. They are the elderly, abandoned, have health problems, blind or are handicapped with special needs.

We believe that like our human companions they too deserve and have the right to live in safety and comfort. Their needs are simple, and they appreciate everything we do for them and if they are content, well fed, healthy and happy, we know we have done our job well.

With your kindness and generosity, you will make every difference in allowing us to help them.



Hi, I'm Sparkle, talking to you from the Blind Ward in IDA Deonar Centre. I'm only four years old, but I'm here because both my eyes are damaged and I can't see at all. Luckily I was picked up by the BMC Van and brought here and I'm really happy that I am in this lovely place. Already I have been sent to the Eye Doctor who has prescribed medicines to help my eye condition. The people here are so kind and I've made many friends already.

My dear new Caretakers need lots of help looking after me. So as for me, I'm just waiting for a Guardian Angel who can help them do just that!


I'm Rimjim, a very old lady from Ghatkopar and I have trouble seeing things. For many years my kind Caretaker who owns a Milk Booth in the locality used to take good care of me. But she noticed that I was getting very slow and bumping into things. She brought me to this very pleasant place to be safe and I must say, I'm happy to be here. I've got lots of other dogs for company, Doctors visit daily to see how I am.

I get good food to eat and comfortable places to relax. But my Caretakers need a lot of help to take the best care of me. Will you be my Guardian Angel and help? Thank you so much.


Hi, I'm Bella and i'm a very good-looking high energy fun loving girl. I was brought to Deonar Centre by the Night Van, almost two years ago as I had a bad maggot wound and needed to be hospitalized until it healed. I was brought all the way from Sethia Nagar - Saki Naka, and I am very grateful that some kind person called the van to take me in for treatment.

I was having trouble seeing things on the road and I was a bit scared about this. It was during my stay here that the kind Doctors noticed that I had developed cataracts in both eyes. So here I am, happy and safe and well-fed and also loved. But I'll let you know a secret.

I'd just love to have a Guardian Angel all to myself and I hope it will be you.


Hi! My name is Jock and I have been at the Deonar Centre from 2014.

I used to stay quite close by in Chembur at Navjeevan Nagar, but for some reason, I started having trouble seeing anything on the road. In Chembur there is a very good person called Rajesh, who has been caring for and feeding a whole lot of us dogs on the road for many years. As soon as he notices that one of us is sick or having some difficulty, he contacts the team at IDA India Deonar. It was he who understood that I was going blind and he was right. Now I can't see anything! But for us dogs that's not much of a problem. Our noses work very well indeed. As long as I can smell my friends around me and get the exciting smell of the good meal that is served twice a day, that's enough for me!

But I still need a special person; a real Guardian Angel. And I think that might be you!


I'm actually a strong young dog and I had come in some months ago as I had been in a fight. Yes, I had a big maggot wound and I stayed at the Deonar Centre for a couple of months until it healed fully. I'm from quite close by; Ambedkar Gardens in Shivaji Nagar (hence my name!). I was fully healed, operated and enjoying my life back at my locality when something really bad happened to me. I was sitting nearby a Welding Shop while work was going on. Suddenly, some sparks flew straight into my eyes! It really burnt and I was taken at once back to Deonar Centre with the help of my friend Santosh. There after treatment, the Vets discovered that I couldn't see! Since then I have been here, and my kind care-takers are trying everything in their power to help me and soon I will be going to a specialist who will examine my injured eyes and see if my sight can be restored. In the meantime, I'm enjoying life at the Centre. We are all waiting for our Activity Centre to get ready as we will all be able to explore and stroll about to our hearts content. Life is good at the Centre, but only one thing is lacking.

I really need a Guardian Angel to make my life complete. May be it's you.


My name is Alfie and I'm from a very nice area - Kalina University Campus. The BMC Van one day in July 2017, brought me to this lovely Centre for my ABC operation. But in the process, it was found out that I was going blind. My condition slowly became worse and now I can't see at all. Fortunately, I am at this Centre where us blind dogs are really cared for so well.

As soon as you chose me and become my Guardian Angel, my life will be happier still.


I've been in this Centre for two months now and I must say, I just love the place. It is so peaceful and the food is so good and we get two meals a day! Actually I'm from a very noisy place: the Fish Market in Mulund East. I have a good friend there. Her name is Malti Patil and she owns a Fish Shop in the market. It was she who noticed that I was having trouble with my eyes so she got me admitted into the IDA India Deonar Centre and I stay in the lovely enclosure especially kept for all us bind dogs. I have friends and daily care from the Doctors and other staff and I am also waiting to enjoy the special garden made just for us.

Want to make me happier still? Do become my Guardian Angel. Thanks so much.


I'm a big handsome guy who still likes to play even though I grew up long long ago! I'm from the Mata Devi Temple area in Kanjurmarg near the highway. I have a lot of friends there and some of them noticed I was having trouble with my eyes. When I was brought to the Hospital in Deonar in July 2017, I had to have surgery on one eye. No problem, as I had the other eye. But then I developed cataract in the second one. Now I am at the Centre and having the time of my life. Love meeting people - humans are great!

All I want now is a special Guardian Angel of my very own.


My name is Changi and I'm eight years old. I've been living in this lovely Blind Dog Enclosure for a year now. I'm from Nagpur Nagar Ghatkopar East, and lucky for me, a kind person noticed I was having trouble seeing things. It was found that my left eye was blind and the other was damaged. I was brought to this Centre where I am now very comfortable and well cared for. Our enclosure is nice an cool and bright as well. We relax there and now we have a beautiful garden we can actually enter this straight from our enclosure as and when we like. People here are so thoughtful they even thought of this! We have a good staff and the Vets come and check us to see that all is well. We go on rotation to an eye specialist to see if anything can be done to help us with our eye problems. Volunteers come in and bond with us on weekends and life is really good - we really like the food! Now one thing is left to make my life complete.

I need a wonderful person to be my very own Guardian Angel.


Hi. I'm Duke, from the Shankar Pol Vashi Naka slum area. How did I get my name? Maybe because I look so regal all the time. Just kidding. It was given to me by my kind present caretakers - all the staff at IDA India Deonar Centre where I live now. I was brought in from near the railway tracks because I had become quite sick and had nasal discharge. The people living in that slum area are quite fond of animals and one of them used to take care of me. That's how I got my collar. He called IDA when I got sick and when I was brought in, it was found that I couldn't see anything. Now all the blind dogs have their special enclosure but that is not for me, thanks! I am very comfortable lounging about in and outside the Deonar Office. I sit in a dignified manner and don't disturb anyone and I have learned to love this place. Full of kind people and we get such good food! That too, twice a day! I've been here from February 2018.

I don't have many needs here, but one thing is badly needed; my very own Guardian Angel. Waiting for you.


I'm a lovely girl from Wadala and have stayed there for a number of years. One day a kind young woman noticed I couldn't see. It might be the bump I got on my head some time ago as it makes me go around and around and I have problems walking in a straight line. We always have medical attention in the lovely place I stay in now. This is in Deonar and I am a beloved ward of IDA India. Vets check us all the time, and those of us who suffer from blindness are sent to a specialist and given special medicines to help our conditions. Love everything about this place, but most of all I love the garden. I spend the whole day walking on the grass and really enjoy this. People are kind here and I get a lot of visitors and patting on the head, which I like so much. Now what I really want is a special person to be my Guardian Angel. Hope it is you.


I'm a very shy young dog and my name is Missy. In September last year, I started having trouble with my eyes. They look normal, but I just can't see. A kind lady Rita brought me all the way from Kalina, Santa Cruz East to this lovely Hospital in Deonar. There are many blind dogs here, under treatment and very well looked after. I too like the place very much and I am quite safe, very well fed and free to go out of our enclosure and walk around the big garden made specially for us. All of need a Guardian Angel and many of my blind doggy friends have already got theirs. Now I am waiting for my own very special person to choose me. Hope I get lucky. Waiting for you.


My name is Silvi and I've come from here all the way from IDA Turbhe Centre. I used to live in the Koparkhairne location, near the Ward Office and l had a few friends there. One of them noticed that I was losing my sight, and called IDA Turbhe. I was taken in and lived there for 3 years which were quite pleasant as I was surrounded by people taking good care of me. Dr Parab, the Incharge, decided I would do great in Deonar which has comfortable arrangements for very old and blind dogs. So here I am. I must say, I like it here - lots of company, comfy places to relax, our own garden and two good meals a day. Most of my new doggy friends tell me they have Guardian Angels. I'd really like to have one too. This is Silvi, signing off, and waiting for my own Guardian Angel.


Hi, I'm Goldie and I used to stay at the IDA Panvel Centre until it closed down. I had been rescued in Panvel off the road, by a kind person - the type who always helps animals in distress and I was taken to the Centre to be checked and looked after as I had slowly lost my eyesight completely. From Turbhe, Silvi and I were shifted to the Deonar Centre. I really like the place mainly because I have a lot of areas to explore - even though I am blind, my nose works very well!! Our enclosure is nice and airy and kept very clean. We have good food every day and get to meet the friendly volunteers who come in now and then to help out. I like the staff and the Doctors who watch over us daily. But like all my new friends in the Blind Ward, I need a Guardian Angel - hope you will choose me soon!


Hi, my name is Ella and my home is this very pleasant Centre at Deonar. I was born in Ghatkopar and grew up there. But as I became older, life became a little more difficult. One day, on the dangerous roads, I got a bad leg injury. It was painful but I have always had good people around who watched over me. A kind young IDA India Volunteer brought me into the Deonar Centre for treatment quite some time ago: July 2019. As I was being treated, my other ailments were discovered. I couldn't see very well and as I grow older - it just gets worse. But I'm really happy to tell you that I am now a resident of the IDA Centre, well fed, well looked after and as comfortable and safe as can be. Don't want for anything except that I would love to have my own Guardian Angel, like all the other Blind Dogs in this ward. Waiting for you.


I was brought to this lovely Hospital when I had been seriously lbitten and had developed a severe maggot wound on my neck. My home location was Hanuman Gali, Kanjurmarg where I had been picked up by the IDA India Van. After the wound healed - and it took such a long time - I was feeling so good because of the caring treatment and very good food! Now would be the time I had to be released, but I had developed such bad cataracts that I could not see at all. The kind people here decided that I should remain in their care. And here I am, waiting now for someone to become my own Guardian Angel. I've been here since June 2019 and this is my own home now.


Hi, my name is Rajan and you'll find me living the good life at the IDA India Centre at Deonar. I remember that horrible day I met with an accident on the road. A car hit me with full force and quickly drove away.. It was near my location near the Railway Colony, Chembur and the year was 2016. As I lay bleeding, a kind person called the IDA India Van which came to my rescue and rushed me to the Centre for treatment. I have been here ever since, much loved by all and well cared for. Due to the accident, I suffered a spinal cord injury and my back legs don't work. But here at the Centre, that doesn't matter at all. I'm very active and like to roam about all over the Centre, and I also have special Assistants looking after me. The food is great! I'm very happy here and I will be happier still if you become my very special Guardian Angel. That would be just wonderful.


My name is Pari and I have come to stay at this very pleasant Centre just a few months ago. I'm from very close by - Lallubhai Compound, Govandi. I used to live in this location, but slowly I noticed that I couldn't see things very clearly, and in quite a short while, I discovered that I couldn't see anything at all. This was quite a problem as now I could only use my nose to locate food or water when I felt thirsty. The road I stayed on was also quite dangerous due to the traffic. Luckily, I had a good friend who arranged for me to come to the IDA India Deonar Centre. where I am now living a very good life, I must say. All comforts are provided and I really like the good food we get every day. I have made good friends in our special blind ward, and now I just need someone to make my life complete. That's you my dear future Guardian Angel!


I'm from Malvani in Malad and Zi came to this lovely Centre in November 2019. I had eye problems and was slowly going blind. People living in my locality used to hit me with brooms and sticks if I tried to sit down in any spot to rest. One young lady used to come to my rescue and tried so hard to keep me safe. She even went to the local Police Station, but the cruelty didn't stop. So one day, she put me in a rickshaw and brought me to the IDA hospital in Deonar. My friend cried when she left me here, but it's such a nice place. Now at last I'm sage, well fed and so well looked after. They even have me a name. It's Joey. All I need now is my own Guardian Angel to help with my care.


Hi, my name is Raja and I am talking to you from the very pleasant Ward in the IDA Deonar Centre. I was found at the beginning of the famous lockdown by a couple of kind people. My location was at the Parel ST Bus Depot. Because everything was so nice and quiet, I started roaming about a bit. As I am blind, this was dangerous, so my friends managed to send me to safety in this Centre. I just love it here. I can sit in the Sun, tasty meals are served. I have a health check now and then and to wander, I have an attached garden!! Now I'm waiting for my very own Guardian Angel.


I'm a really old gentleman and my name is Rex. I come from quite far away - my location used to be CST Mumbai. My dear friend Schweta who looked after me for many many years, noticed how old I had become (I'm fifteen years old!) and I had also become quite blind. She arranged to send me to the IDA Deonar Centre and I certainly appreciate what she has done for me. I came in on 15th February 2021 and ever since I arrived here I've been so well looked after and lovingly cared for. Doctor comes to check me every day and when I want some sun, I'm helped to go into the adjoining garden. But best of all, I love the food!

Enjoying my stay here, and now just one request. I need a Guardian Angel to help take care of my special needs. All my friends in the blind ward have one and I'm waiting for my special person too. I'm sure you will choose me soon.


My name is Raji and I'm from quite far away. My locality was CST but when I started experiencing health and eye problems, my dear Caretaker contacted the kind people who run this Hospital. My hind legs had started collapsing and I couldn't even walk properly so I was finally brought by a private van all the way to the Deonar Centre. My health problems are many, but from the first day here, I've been so well looked after. I have a favorite person who takes special care of me. I've visited the Eye Doctor, and if I feel unwell, I get immediate treatment from the Doctor here. I just love the food and all the other arrangements and I have made some good friends in the Blind Ward which is our special room.

Only one request; please help my Caretakers look after me by becoming my Guardian Angel. I'll be so happy then.

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