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The Prayer of a Stray

Dear GOD please send me somebody who'll care!I'm tired of running. I'm sick with despair.My bod...
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Freedom of 'Kalli' The Bulbul

Once, on one of my dog-feeding trips to D N road Andheri, a boy came to me quite excitedly, hol...
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Raja the Taxi Walla by Fizzah Shah

Seven Bungalows taxi stand in Andheri (west) is known for 24 hours availability of taxies &...
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The Turning point in my life by Sudnya Patkar

It was a hot summer day of 1993 as I was traveling by road to Sarigam in South Gujarat, with my...
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- Fizzah ShahIt was a very hot summer afternoon of May 2000. I was driving along the 'Versova L...
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One By One

A friend of ours was walking down a deserted Mexican beach at sunset. As he walked along, he be...
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IDA India's pony camps to help ponies in distress

In a bid to help the city's ponies from the cruelty meted out by their "owners", In Defense of ...
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Embracing a Vegan Lifestyle by Cosibella Cristenas

The best choice for our children, ourselves, and our planet. One of the most powerful ways to b...
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HEART WARMING STORY of 'Ghasita' the Handicapped Dog

On September 12th 2003, on a sunny afternoon while feeding the stray dogs Fizzah found a puppy ...
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Wingless parrot saved from inhuman fortune-teller

A roadside fortune-teller vanished within minutes after he was confronted by an animal activist...
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Natural Born Killers! - By Pritish Nandy

Last week it was the Srikrishna Report. Recording man's inhumanity against man. This week it is...
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Rocky the mix breed Labrador must have decided this when his "owner" determined to send him awa...
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