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Retirement & Care of Police Sniffer Dogs

For 3 years IDA India has been requesting the Mumbai Police Department to put in place a scheme of retirement for The Police Sniffer Dogs, who work relentlessly for sniffing out drugs and bombs, and detecting crime. Presently there is no such scheme and dogs are made to work until they are too ill or old to work.

In response the Bomb Detection & Disposal Squad forwarded IDA India's recommendations to the Director General of Police, who in turn has to put it up to the Home Ministry, Govt. of Maharashtra. Once the scheme is approved, it will become applicable to all the dog squads in the State of Maharashtra. Under this scheme all healthy dogs should retire at the age of 8, and younger ones should retire earlier, if they are physically unfit to work. Those who agree to adopt these retired dogs should be granted pension that will enable them to look after the dog as per the stature of the Police Officer. Once this happens these non-corrupt Government servants who render loyal, selfless service in their prime will enjoy a retired life of rest and peace.

IDA India's recommendations have partly been accepted, as the Police Department have formalized the retirement of the Police Dogs at the age of 8, or earlier if they are unfit to work, and have decided to form an adoption committee. IDA India has been asked to join this Committee for screening the people who wish to adopt these dogs. The Government is however, yet to consider providing pension to these dogs, for their upkeep. Once the system of retirement of the Police Dogs falls in place, IDA India will pursue further for the pension.

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