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Man Beats Dog Till Its Eye Pops Out

In Valmiki Society at Kalina in Mumbai, a person name John Nazarath hit a dog with a bamboo and the impact was so hard that the dog's eye popped out and the other eye also got affected. We filed the police complaint in Vakola police station and picked up the dog from the society because the culprit's son told me he was going to kill the dog. Why it happened? All because on a rainy night, the dog was sitting on the 1st floor passage near an animal lover Mrs. Kotian's house. This fellow came down at 1 a. m. and hit the dog. The Police say they will first investigate and then take action!! Despite all evidence of the brutality. The Secretary of the housing society wanted me to withdraw the police complaint, failing which they would take action against Mrs. Kotian and expel her from the society. I asked him as a Secretary what action he is taking against the member who hit the dog. He said all he could do was give an apology letter from him and an undertaking that in future this man will not hit any dog provided. The situation is that the complaint still is in Police Station, with no action taken and the dog was admitted to SPCA for extraction of the eye, so he is left with one eye

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