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Dog tied and left to die

At Belapur station - Naina Athale:

A train commuter called up and told us about this pathetic creature lying in the corner of Belapur Station. Picture on the cover was taken as soon as I saw this unfortunate dog. The rope was tied so tight around him that when I cut it off, his spinal cord was exposed. We put him in the back of my car and took him away. The smell of his rotting body was unbearable, and I was throwing up all the way to our center. Later I realized that what had got me was not the smell of his body but the stench of human callousness...not only the rascal who did this to him, but thinking of all the people walking up and down the station for 10 days, not even one of them thought of simply cutting off the plastic rope and saving him his misery????? We put him to sleep within hours, but the look in his eyes will stay with me for ever.

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