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Wild Cat Rescued in Mumbai

We have rescued a wild cat on 22nd August 08. The poor thing is mostly blind, and had fallen in a ditch. A huge crowd had collected and had started yellign 'tiger' :-) ! and would have probably stoned it to death, if we hadn't reached on time. Our wildlife expert and managing committee member Dr. D.Vinhirkar, will be evaluating him asp, meanwhile our in-house vet, Dr.Yadav has started taking care. Let me tell you, its extremely difficult for us right now, with our severe space crunch..

This is further on the Wild Cat we rescued. We have released him to the Wild Life authorities at the Borivili national park, on the outskirts of Mumbai city, on the 25th. They are planning to treat him in their center at the park, and release him in the wild as soon as he is fit. We couldnt keep him because we arent allowed to keep wild life according to law, nor do they take well to captivity. If fact, he hadnt eaten anything during his stay with us. We will be in touch with the authorities, and keep you all informed about his progress.

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