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- Fizzah Shah

It was a very hot summer afternoon of May 2000. I was driving along the 'Versova Link Road', when I saw a big dog, with his front leg dangling helplessly, looking for bits of food in the garbage dump. My heart went out to him, so I got down from the car, and went to feed him some biscuits that I was carrying. I was shocked to see that his front leg was fractured and the flesh was hanging out bleeding. There was also a very bad maggot infested wound at his groin and penis. When I touched him, I realised he was burning with high fever.

I said to myself, 'I simply cannot leave this dog in this condition'. I forgot where I was going, took out the leash from the car and went towards him. I was not sure how he would react to my trying to collar him. Somehow he trusted me immediately and allowed me to put the leash, pick him up and carry him to my car. He settled down in the back seat and we started towards the IDA Centre and towards a long lasting friendship.

At the centre, Dr. Ghanawat performed the surgery, amputated his front leg and removed his penis. After recovery he learnt to walk on his three legs. I found him beautiful and endearing with three legs and so I named him 'Samosa'. He gained the love and affection of all staff members, with his playful nature. He had the most beautiful expressive brown eyes. My heart sank one day, when I saw that one of his eyes was watering continuously and becoming hazy. Days of treatment did not yield any result. Finally the Vet gave the verdict that it was an eye infection that was not treatable, and another surgery was performed to remove the eye. Now Samosa was with one eye, but with the same warm expression and full of life.

In January 2002, Samosa represented IDA at the 'Mixed Breed Dog and Cat Show' conducted by Bombay SPCA, and won a very special prize of Rs. 1,000/- and lots of appreciation from animal lovers who were present at the show. Samosa donated his prize money to IDA because he knew he owed something to his shelter.

Now Samosa is our idle happy dog at IDA, with three legs, one eye and without the penis. He eats well, plays well and loves us all wholeheartedly. His limbs are reduced, but his heart is still full of life and full of love. He has proved that life can be disabled, but one can still be happy amongst all odds. IDA has also proved that life is precious, and all and everybody should be given a chance to live.

(Dear Samosa died in May 2005 after living a full life at IDA India. He will be badly missed by one and all)

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