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HEART WARMING STORY of 'Ghasita' the Handicapped Dog

On September 12th 2003, on a sunny afternoon while feeding the stray dogs Fizzah found a puppy helplessly dragging towards the mother in hope of getting some feed but was unable to reach to the nipples because of her lifeless hind legs which couldn't support her fragile body. The confused mother was not able to understand why her little one is not reaching to her. It was a terrible sight to see the vain efforts of those helpless animals.

At that moment there was not much choice or time to think. The only thought was how to help this puppy!! Without further thought Fizzah picked up the puppy and took her home, without making much fuss. Nazneen her daughter, who is also a hearing, impaired, and somewhat physically weak too, just got her heart on this puppy.

From that day started a new bond of friendship. As the puppy dragged herself towards Nazneen, Nazneen knew that she had found her most trust worthy friend. And from that day she was 'Ghasita' (meaning of 'Ghasita' is one who drags and moves). In the initial stage it was a big question marks for Fizzah, that having brought the puppy home what next? How was she to carry on with this handicapped puppy that kept dirtying the place and getting wrapped in her own waste? Many times a thought was given to give a peaceful end to Ghasita but always seeing the zest of life into that handicapped puppy the mind kept on changing. Ghasita was enjoying the company of other pet dogs at home.

Now her dragging has become a speedy hopping, giving full competition to other dogs. Waging her tail fondly on seeing Nazneen, her best friend and caretaker, is the most satisfying scene for Fizzah. Nazneen once a loner and a angry girl, found a reason to laugh by seeing Ghasita's funny movements. Now she had a reason to come home soon from the school because she knew somebody was waiting and looking forward to have her back with those loving and playful eyes. She now brings home her friends to show Ghasita as her favorite pet.

She finds so much happiness and pride in her company it seems a perfect harmony and understanding between two friends.

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