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Peaceful Sanctuary at our Deonar Centre

Our lovely garden has many uses, the main being it is open to all our blind dogs most of the time. They stroll about, taking in all the exciting aromas and feeling the grass under their feet, rest where they like and when they get a little hot, go back into their own enclosure to sit under a fan! But there are other uses as well. Our very very old, our paralysed and our injured elderly dogs get a turn in the garden on rotation basis. The sun, greenery and fresh air is very good for them and improves their health.

We have made places for people to come and meet their special friends in the quiet of the garden. The other day a family from Thane came and met their very old friend and interacted to their hearts content. We have also built a Memory Wall in both our gardens - one way to remember beloved old friends always.

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