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The Universe Conspired to Help Him....Just About...!

On 11th January 2013, in the morning around 8:30 am, as our Veterinary doctor, Dr. Londhe was coming to work on his bike , he saw a little black and white pup scampering at the edge of the Mumbai-Pune highway at Belapur. To his horror, he saw 2 of the siblings crushed to death by his side and this chap was anxiously sniffing around them...some one had seen these pups being thrown by the side but in the tremendously fast moving traffic on this highway nothing was remembered about the vehicle and it took just a few minutes before 2 of them died.

Anyway, the traffic cop on duty (salute you Mr. Jadhav!) stopped the traffic, two men working at a PUC center by the side of the road also rushed forward to help and the little one was bundled safely and one of them sat on the back of the bike and came with the doc to the center at Turbhe. He is around one and half months old, was dewormed and is in good health. We were urgently looking for fostering and adoption options for him and at the same time, all along, we were keeping a watchful eye on him and his health....This is because we have been given no special facilities by the NMMC to keep these little ones separately and hence there is always the worry of them catching some infection or the other from the numerous adult dogs on the premises. We were therefore thrilled when Mr. Dumbre, an electrical contractor who was visiting our center for some work, saw this little one and fell for him. After completing due procedures, the Dumbre family has adopted him on the 20th of January. Goodbye little one, we are so glad you found your forever home and that at least we could spare you the tragedy that hit your siblings....the pain, the stress and the sheer challenges of this work for street animals is all worth it for us when we have such happy endings.... :) All is well that ends well ! A cheerful goodbye to you sweetie, have the best of lives. Our blessings go with you always. Lot's of love.

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