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The joy of finding a 'Forever Family'

The joy of finding a 'Forever Family' - Adopting a pet is such a joy.

I love the term 'forever family' which I came across to describe families that permanently adopt a pet. What a lovely way to put it.

Can you imagine the sheer relief for the pet who now begins to trust again and love again. From being scared and lonely the pet goes to being secure and happy. That's just good karma all around, whether you believe in it or not. I once read somewhere that to adopt a pet you need space in your heart as well as in your home. This decision has to come straight from the heart.

Welcoming a new member into the family almost overnight is never easy. It can be difficult for the family and the pet as well. It can be quite scary too, once the full impact hits you about the responsibility for a new life. But slowly as the days pass, everyone adjusts, accommodates and starts having fun. The pet starts trusting his 'forever family' and the family settles into a routine.

As anyone who has or has had a beloved pet can testify, having such a companion is a wonderful experience you don't want to miss. Our pets are pure positive energy being that bring such positive vibes and joy into your home that even the dullest person would change for the better. Sharing and caring becomes routine and life's experience becomes richer.

That begs the question as to why more people don't adopt - probably because it's an awesome responsibility that everyone cannot handle. You need emotional maturity to do it as well as the right reasons. You should never adopt out of pity or to show off. It has to be a genuine decision. Unfortunately a few of the pets we get adopted do get returned as the family is unable to cope, but luckily that's a rare occurrence. There are enough wonderful people out there that open their homes to our beloved friends. But we always need more.

Luckily great organizations like In Defence of Animals are there ready to support and advice families who take this decision. IDA offers free medical treatment and advice to 'forever families' who adopt from us. Over the years IDA has found hundreds of homes for our dear four legged friends and continues to do so every day. Do join us in this noble mission.

Visit our adoption page and help us find more 'forever families'.

Ron Billimoria

Ron is an animal lover and an active supporter of In Defense of Animals, India. You too can have your article featured on the IDA website. Just mail it to info@idaindia.org and if found suitable we shall post it on our site.

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