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Rabale Dog Story

My name is Sandeep Jha and I was on my way to my office off site near karnala bird sanctuary last saturday. When we reached Rabale we got stuck in a traffic jam near rabale naka signal (next to Bhushan hotel).

When we neared the point of commotion I was surprised to see a chocolate brown dog sitting in the middle of the road with something hanging out from his head and cars taking left or right to avoid collission with the dog. I stopped my car on the side of the road after the signal and went out to shoo the dog away. However, I was shocked to see that the dog was injured with the red thing hanging out was his eye. It was a case of road accident, the dog was hit by a speeding vehicle around 2-3 hours ago (as told to me by the wada pav stall at the corner of the road). The dog was in shock and sitting quietly and panting heavily. There were a group of boys who also wanted to help and so we got a sack from the vada paw shop and laid the dog on it and picked him up. We kept him safely by the road side under a tree and I called up my wife Christina and she got in touch with Naina from IDA. The dog was scared and was sitting in the middle of the road for over 3 hours....

With not a single soul to help ... Do we dont have a heart ... After all animals are also God's creation ... By helping animals you honour God ... It was so sad and heart wrenching. Within an hour or so IDA was there and the dog was in their safe and able hands. Keep going IDA....We still have hope in you guys!!!! God Bless you always.


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