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Workshop on Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Laws by IDA, India

Preventing Cruelty to Animals

All those of us involved in Animal Welfare know what a tough job it is to deal with the sad problem of cruelty to animals. This occurs in so many forms that one is at a loss about which case to deal with first.

Illegal slaughter units, disposal of infant pups and kittens in dangerous places and in horrible ways, monkeys and elephants openly paraded on the dangerous, busy Mumbai roads. But easily one on the chief offenders against animal rights is the hostile Building Society, and there seem to be too many of this type in Mumbai.

Usually the animals assaulted and mistreated in different ways, by Residents and /or Society Managing Committees, are dogs and cats. These animals are hounded out of Society premises, stoned, dragged away by chains, transported to be dumped in far off locations, sometimes even poisoned and killed. In many instances, Residents with companion animals are harassed in different ways, making life miserable for the person and the animal concerned. Perpetrators seem to be absolutely unconcerned about all the laws in place, even though India has some of the best animal protection laws in the world.

So why does this happen with such dismal frequency? The main reason is lack of awareness of laws, with regard to animals and non-implementation of all the numerous laws we already have in place.

IDA India is holding a Workshop with a view to familiarizing people with the various laws to protect animals; to try and brainstorm as a group of concerned citizens, as to how we should get this vital information across to people, who seem to think that all animals exist to be abused, used and exploited in as many ways as the human race can think of.

Please do join us if you are one of those who wish to correct and stop this wrong perception of animals and all types of cruel behavior. Given below is a short description of what we have planned.


Experts Speak: Which laws are useful / workable / can be used in different situations Police Official: How to approach the Police/ What to do at the Police Station Animal Activist : How to deal with Building Societies/Residents/Managing Committees

After an initial discussion of how to cope with problems, with input from our experts, participants will divide into groups and choose one Case Study to deal with from a list provided. The group will plan on how to deal with that particular cruelty case and the end of a stipulated period of time, the Group Leader will give a five minute presentation. At the end of the Presentations, our experts will give opinions and further suggestions.

We are of the firm opinion that this collective thinking will be of great benefit to all of us as concerned individuals, and give us knowledge and a firm commitment to try and do something about the needless, silent suffering of our animal friends.


Registrations are now open. Please Note: There is a charge of Rs. 400/- per participant to cover the actual expenses we will have to meet on that day, namely, booklets and writing material to be supplied to each participant, hire of the hall and a vegan lunch to follow the programme.


There are only 50 seats on a first come first served basis on receipt of Workshop Fee before the 28th January 2012

Details are as follows:

Date: Saturday, 28th January 2012. Time: 10.30 am to 2.30 pm Panel: Experts in the field of Law and Order and Animal Activism

Venue: Audio Visual Room, next to B N Vaidya Hall Indian Education Society Dadar East Mumbai 400014.

Payment can be made in the following ways:
1. By sending crossed cheque made out to In Defense of Animals, India and to Office address:
In Defense of Animals,India
7, Shanti Kunj,124, Hindu Colony,
5th Lane,Dadar
Mumbai-400 014.India).
Tel : 32681417

2. By depositing cash in any branch of Bank of Baroda directly (with intimation to us for credit) at
Account No. 04060100019102,
Bank of Baroda,
Chandavarkar Road Branch,
Matunga, Mumbai 400 019.

For any Queries, please contact
Vivienne Choudhury: 9320056587; Madhu Roy 09004661667
Email: idaindia.mail@gmail.com

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