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IDA celebrates World Environment Day

IDA India 'Plant a Sapling' ceremony at Deonar

It was celebration time on June 5th, World Environment Day at our IDA Deonar Centre. IDA friends and supporters arrived with lovely plants in hand, ready and willing to get down to earth and start the digging and planting.

Our Chief Guest, Senior Inspector Bhalerao of Deonar Police Station, kick-started the activity by planting a lovely coconut sapling donated by our past president, Ms. Goodicia Vaidya, and everyone else enthusiastically followed suit. The premises looked lovely with all our animal friends on their best behaviour. Many even took active part in the celebrations. Our beautiful dog Prema and fat cat Manya, positioned themselves on the bench outside the office in the capacity of Official Welcoming Committee!

The first queue that formed near the refreshment table was headed by one of our dogs Lalu and our other resident dogs waiting in line behind him, hoping that they would be served first! (Check them out in the picture.) One of the dogs, who will remain anonymous, created a small crisis mid-way, by running off with a loaf of bread meant to be used for extra sandwiches. But we managed to get more supplies quickly, so no harm was done!

The IDA merchandise area looked great and many of the visitors went to check out what was available. Others met our resident dogs one by one to decide which one they could sponsor. Our lovely resident cats and pups attracted visitors too.

Oour Chief Guest, the Senior Inspector was impressed with the efforts we make to run our Centres as efficiently and as well as possible.

For all those who missed this eevnt, no worries. We will be holding events at our Centres throughout the year. Do try and make it next time. It will provide you with a glimpse at a small section of the city, where you can see how we are carrying out an essential civic service to the best of our ability. And you yourself can also choose to be a part of this wonderful, very satisfying and on-going work.

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