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Horse with Pneumonia treated by Dr.Amit Sharma

As narrated by Dr.Sharma

I went to Nariman point to attend a horse suffering from Pneumonia. After reaching there I was told that his guardian has taken him for work at Gateway of India. So I reached there and enquired about the horse. At the corner of Taj hotel, I found the horse standing tied to his cart, head down and looking very depressed. There were several guardians, handlers, a dealer and a local healer surrounding him. When I called upon his guardian, he informed me that he has purchased this horse only a day before and now he is reluctant to run/ walk fast. Close examination revealed that he was suffering from severe pneumonia, there was much purulent discharge from his nose, he was finding it very difficult to breathe properly and the crowd and noise at Gateway of India was troubling him. They were busy in finding the ways to return him back, discussing how much he had to be whipped for every round. At that time I got very angry with his guardian and called upon a police inspector to book the horse as well as the guardian who has brought such an ill horse to work. The Inspector immediately took all of them to police chowki. Then I treated the horse and gave medicines for the follow up. I again attended him for follow up the next day.

Generally I do not believe in policing for such welfare work but yesterday I felt very pity for that horse. No one was worried about his health, everyone was thinking about his income. Today when I went over there, it was good to see that he was relieved a bit and was standing at ease. His guardians were also taking care of him (maybe because of fear of police). But it was a good lesson for others as well.

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