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IDA India's Second Annual Fundraising Dinner

IDA India's Second Fundraising Dinner was held on Sunday, 30th November 2014 at the Hotel Sea Princess at Juhu. The venue was beautiful and the event was very well attended by our wonderful supporters.

The host of the evening was IDA India's Brand Ambassador Ms Raveena Tandon and the Guest of Honor was Mr. Boman Irani. Both arrived at the venue on time, despite Ms. Tandon being unwell with fever and conjunctivitis, and Mr. Irani having had to reschedule his international flights to reach Mumbai on time. Both the stars enthralled the audience with their strong views in support of animal welfare and animal rights. They spoke with conviction and from the bottom of their hearts, about the need for kindness and compassion to all living beings, and the equal rights for animals to share this earth with humans. It was an honor to have Raveenajiand Mr. & Mrs. Boman Irani & their son Mr. Kayoze Irani (allanimal lovers) amongst us.

Mr Sunil & Mrs. Shaila Jhangiani of 'Chemistry' had sponsored this Event, as they have sponsored every event for our organization all these years. Wine was sponsored by Charosa Wines.

The event was beautifully anchored by Dr. Nimish Shah and Ms. Fizzah Shah. The 'Chemistry "Champion of Animals 2014" trophy was presented by the Chief Guest to Ms. Christina Lobo Jha and Ms. Goodicia Vaidya, both messiah of homeless animals, and personification of compassion and kindness. They receive calls day and night about animals in distress and promptly rush to their aid. Both are truly the Champion of Animals and we are proud of their efforts.

The evening came to an end with everyone enjoying the vegan dinner. Each of our guests went home with a gift bag from IDA India.

Attached pictures were clicked by Ms. Isha Adkar.


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