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Dog Found Abandoned In A Local Train

In one such overcrowded train during morning hours on the 10th of June, the lovely young girl you see above, was found tied up inside one of the compartments, abandoned...

Luckily, the Railway police rushed to help. They contacted the Vashi Police who called us immediately for rescue. She is now safe in our shelter. Thin...very very hungry, with a swollen hind leg which our vet says has marks of having been beaten...she is anxious, hyper and still unsettled.

When she is fit, emotionally settled and puts on some weight, we hope to put her up for adoption. Please help by looking out for good families in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai region, or if you can be very sure we may also consider rehoming her in some other state.

Please note, we are going to sterilize her before rehoming.

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