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Beloved blind dog Helen passes away.

We feel so sad to inform you that Helen, our Sponsor dog, passed away a few days ago.

She was one of the most beloved dogs at our Centre, as she was blind yet so out-going, confident and courageous. There are nearly 28 blind dogs sheltered at our Deonar Centre, and they are housed in an enclosure, to avoid getting bullied by other able bodied dogs or getting trampled by visitors. But Helen was the only blind dog to be free outside in the garden with other shelter dogs. Despite her handicap, she managed extremely well. She had favourite spot to sit under a tree, and if any other dog occupied her space, she would shoo him or her away and sit there majestically, with a victorious smile on her face.

It was our privilege to have her in our care for so many years, and all of us at IDA India are going to miss her terribly.

We would like to thank all Helen's sponsors for loving her. Your sponsorship helped us not only to look after Helen but also to carry out the compassionate work to which we are fully committed.

As our sweet Helen is no more, we are putting up for sponsorship, one of her friends, Bharat, who is a partially blind male dog.

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