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Blind Dogs Ward

Over the years, we have realized that dogs like humans, have diminished vision in the eve of their lives. Sometimes, they loose sight in one or both eyes either due to cataract or glaucoma. They are helpless on the streets and in grave danger to their lives, even as they struggle with starvation and open hostility from impatient people.

We decided to give a peaceful, retired sheltered life to these oldies at our Deonar Centre, with lots of love and care till the end of their lives. We therefore constructed an exclusive Blind Dogs Ward; well ventilated and opens into a lovely garden, in which these dogs can smell, feel the lawn and in general chill out.

We usually have 40 to 45 such dogs in our care, and the number varies slightly as old entrants pass away and new members are admitted.

A few young blind dogs and cats also find place in this ward. They are regularly sent to a Veterinary Ophthalmologist for a check up and treatment. Dog Bella and Cat Roshni went through cataract surgery after the vet said there was hope for them to get their vision back. Bella got full vision in one eye and Roshni got partial vision. Cataract surgeries have to be handled carefully, with excellent post operative care, hence soon after surgery they are sent to a paid foster, who takes care of putting drops and so on till they are ready to come back to the centre after the initial care.

This project is perhaps the only one of its kind in Mumbai that is run for homeless visually impaired dogs and cats.

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