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Mom & Puppies Rescued. Doing Fine.

Yesterday, we got a frantic call from the Principal of a college that a female dog who had just...
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Adoption Success Story - Pom Adopted

Another successful adoption 2 days ago! The pom was abandoned last year outside a school, and ...
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Beware Of Unscrupulous Breeders

Are you keen to buy a pedigree puppy, think twice before you contact a Breeder by email, and bu...
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Of Animals and Men by Jan Skacer

(an open letter to Radio Prague)Dear Friends. You have asked me for a piece on animals. Please ...
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This Lesson in Compassion Weighs Just One Ounce

For some years, the last full week in April has been set aside to recognize the suffering of an...
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Adoption Success Story - 5 Year Old German Sheppard Adopted

Remember 'Ramu Kaka' our abandoned German Shepard? He came into our center, miserable with a ba...
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Equine influenza at Matheran- IDA India saved 400 horses & ponies

Report by Dr. P. M. Bhosale, Neral Centre & Dr. Amit Sharma In Defense of Animals India has...
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Good Bye Toofaan - Fizzah Shah

In August a rainy morning I got a call from Kalyan a far suburb of Mumbai that a big stray bull...
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Month Old Pomerian Pup Dumped On Road - Naina Athale

A month or so old pomerian pup was dumped on a busy main road of Thane. By the time we rescued ...
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Rani the Boxer was abused by an Income Tax Officer

On Ganesh Chaturti in September 2007, a reporter from DNA called up and told us about this case...
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Dog tied and left to die

At Belapur station - Naina Athale:A train commuter called up and told us about this pathetic cr...
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A Monkey With Burns - Naina Athale

A monkey escaped from a Madari and jumped on a High Tension wire and got electric burns. The ma...
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