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Hon'ble Supreme Court supports Dog Spay/neuter program

Dear all,

Here is some excellent news for all the dog lovers in India. 

The stray dogs matter was listed today before the Division Bench of the Supreme Court of India. In a very clear and good interim order (the final judgement scheduled for 9th March 2016) the court has directed all local authorities, gram panchayats and civic bodies in all the states and union territories of India to strictly follow the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001. They have directed that no discrimination of dogs will be allowed. State and civic bodies have been directed to set up adequate infrastructure for implementing the ABC program in letter and spirit and fund it in the manner provided by the rules.

The principal issue before the Supreme Court was whether Municipal laws framed by States are to be up held or whether the Central law i.e. the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules 2001 is to be upheld. The Supreme Court has clearly expressed a view that the Central law prevails.    

Today was thus an important day for the efforts put in by IDA-India, as we were one of the primary petitioners in this case right from the beginning i.e. since the time the matter was pending before the Hon'ble Bombay High Court. Ms. Fizzah Shah, our Past President and currently our Managing Committee Member, has all along taken on full responsibility of the stray dogs matter in the courts. She was present in the Supreme Court today. Senior Counsel Mr. Mukul Talwar represented IDA-India.

We hope that all the citizens of this great country, as well as all local and State authorities follow this order and implement it in its entirety.

God Bless all those who fought for the rights of 'Man's best friend' 

With best regards


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