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Film on IDA India made in 2002

Kapil Garg, a volunteer used to bring street dogs for treatment to IDA India's Deonar Centre. While he was studying for Masters in Business Administration, he and his classmates had made a short 10 minute documentary on the work of IDA, and the Deonar Centre. This was way back in the year 2002. Recently, after more than a decade, he sent us this link to the film he had then made.

Seeing the film after nearly 13 years, brought back nostalgic memories of how we worked those days.   In 2002, we were just 5 year old organization, with only one centre, one ambulance and capacity to help 250 animals a month.  Today we have grown in leaps  and bounds, have three centres, 9 ambulances, capacity to spay/neuter 1300 dogs and 100 cats, perform around 80 other complicates surgeries like hernia, tumour, VG, hematoma, amputations and so on, and treat nearly 250 ill / injured animals.

The journey has been challenging but truly satisfying!!

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