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A Challenging Rescue

18th November 2015 was a challenging day for our Navi Mumbai center. We had a call from the Navi Mumbai Fire Brigade about an animal stuck in a gutter inside the Siemens company in Airoli. Siemens is a big MNC as you would all know. It has a large compound and the security guards heard the faint sound of an animal in distress while he was on the rounds on the periphery of their premises. He called the Fire Brigade who in turn somehow always call us for their animal rescue. Anyway, once the call came in, we quickly responded and were there by 12 pm. From the sounds, it was evident that it was an adult dog in distress. With great difficulty and only a small torch as a guidance, one of the employees bravely crawled in on his stomach inside the gutter pipe taking care not to get stuck himself.

The poor dog was snapping at him in her anxiety, but he carefully put the noose at the end of the rod round the neck of the dog and she was pulled out safely. They took complete care not to suffocate the dog. from start to finish, it was a 30 minute operation. After bringing her out, she was immediately taken into the ambulance and you can see that she was thoroughly checked up by the vet. Her mouth had to be tied up as she was in shock and was snapping. Luckily she had no internal or external injuries. She was given some peaceful time and was watched and was given some pedigree to eat only after her breathing was normal and the Vet was sure that the food would not enter her lungs in her anxiety.

The premises is very large and the canteen is far away (a 10 minute walk to the main building) hence after she ate a bit, she was given a bowl of milk after 15 minutes and then was released. The employees hung around to watch her walk away to be assured that she was well which she was. A very challenging rescue which ended well! She is not a resident of the property hence it is concluded that she had got in from outside the premises and had crawled/walked in quite a distance before getting stuck, luckily close enough for the staff to reach her.Thanks to our employees: Vet Dr. Vishwanath Jadhav, and other employees; Prashant Sawant, Sandeep Shirsat, Ravi Manjrekar, Sudhakar Kadam and Sachin Rathod. Well done boys, we are proud to have you bravehearts working for us.






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